Before we get into this story, I just want to say my “THIS IS A VIRAL MARKETING STUNT” alarm is blaring right now.  But anyway, here we go . . .

A woman named Natasha Aponte in New York City pulled off a hell of a dating move on Sunday afternoon.  She set up dates with around 100 guys on Tinder and asked them to meet her at Union Square to hear her friend DJing.

But when the guys got there, they all realized there was no DJ.  And Natasha got up on the stage and announced she brought all the guys there . . . to COMPETE for her.

Some of them left on their own . . . and she told people, like Trump supporters and guys under 5-foot-10, to leave . . . but a few dozen guys took her bait and ran a race and did a push-up contest to win her over.  There’s no word on who she picked.

But that probably wasn’t REALLY the point.  Natasha identifies herself as a, quote, “actress, model, singer” on Instagram, so there’s a decent chance it was a stunt to get famous.

And it was a high budget one . . . she got a permit for the event, rented the stage, and had security and photographers working.  Which makes it all SEEM like it was a viral marketing stunt by someone with money.