Joshua Wilhoit

I’m glad the guy in this story got his Bible back, because it sounds like he still needs to read it . . .

27-year-old Joshua Wilhoit was caught trying to shoplift a bunch of stuff from a Walmart in Dana Point, California last week.

He tossed it all in a bag and tried to walk out with it.  But security grabbed the bag from him, and he took off.  And he SHOULD have been long gone before the cops got there.

But while police were still responding to the call, he went back . . . because he left his BIBLE behind.

It was in the bag with all the stuff he tried to steal.  And he DID get the Bible back before he left again.

But that’s right when the cops were showing up, and they spotted him walking past a Panda Express nearby.

They arrested him, and he’s now facing theft charges.