Millennials have their own unique words and phrases.  But we’re pretty sure none of them will be found on this list of The Top Things You’ll Never Hear a Millennial Say.

It’s my college debt so I should pay it off.

Let me stop whatever I’m doing so you can have my full attention.

Bernie’s ideas are just too unrealistic and impractical.

Let me interrupt this political debate right now to admit I have no idea what I’m talking about.

Why would I want Sriracha on my food?

Life doesn’t owe me anything.

The only thing I like on my toast is butter!

If there’s one thing I definitely don’t need, it’s constant validation from strangers on social media.

Actually, I have no idea where my phone is right now.

I’m not doing that just because someone challenged me to on social media!

What’s Comic-Con?

What do you say just for tonight, we put down our phones and have a real conversation?

No thanks Mom and Dad, I don’t need any money

Enough about me . . . let’s talk about you and your needs.

I got rid of cable, but I prefer not to tell anyone about it.

I’m really sick of all this ’90s nostalgia.

Starbucks is serving a sparkly drink?  Booooring!

What’s on CBS tonight?