One of the best parts of ordering Chinese food is having leftovers.  So, yeah, this seems just about right.

There’s a 56-year-old woman named Michele Sedlak in North Port, Florida.  And last week, she had some Chinese leftovers in the fridge . . . which mysteriously disappeared.

She only had one suspect.  We’re not sure about her relationship with him . . . whether they’re roommates or a couple . . . but after this, they’re probably going to be NEITHER.

Because when he got home, she started accusing him of eating her Chinese food.  He swore he didn’t do it, but that wasn’t good enough for her . . . so she THREW A KNIFE at him.

She missed . . . but she told him, “If I wanted to hit you, I would have.”

He called the cops, and she was arrested for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon without intent to kill.  So maybe the cops also believed she could’ve hit him with the knife if she wanted to?