A recent survey found two-thirds of Americans think going out is NOISIER than it used to be.  And over a quarter of us have decided not to go somewhere again, because it was too loud. Apparently it’s not just an “old-person” thing either.  People between 18 and 29 were actually the MOST annoyed by noise levels in public places.  According to the survey, here are the top five places we go that are too loud . . .

1.  Bars and clubs.  35% of people are annoyed at how noisy they are.

2.  Concerts, 33%.

3.  Sporting events, 27%.

4.  Restaurants, 25%.

5.  Movie theaters, 21%.  We’re pretty sure they mean the movies themselves are too loud.  But those idiots behind you who won’t stop talking also don’t help.

Big parties and firework displays also made the list.