Do you ever look at your picture on your phone and think “What in the world?” Well, yeah. We all do.

This week, I took a Muppet personality profile.  I baked a brisket, and I had to shop for some seriously random stuff.  And when I sat down to write my first blog for the new version of our website, I thought…what have I been doing that is interesting?  Not much, apparently. 😀

The Gonzo result? Yup, pretty accurate. But let’s hope that it did not deliver any info to Cambridge Analytica.

The brisket was my husband’s choice for dinner after the death of a dear friend.  RIP Irv…comfort food helps.

The shopping list?  I was making Roman shades and needed 1×2 strips of pine, a gift bag for an auction basket, #3 is self explanatory, and I had to get my nails done.

Congratulations. You have been welcomed into the life of a radio DJ who is also a normal person…with a pretty normal life.

Thanks for listening,

Audra Caine